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10 things to do before the summer bank holiday

1: Turn off all lighting that is not needed over the break.

Those small interior lights might be costing you more than you think, so make sure to turn them off.

2: Turn off and unplug any vending machines

Just double check there isn’t anything perishable in there, otherwise it won’t be a fun first day back.

3: Turn off any equipment that is not in use

Those computers and printers deserve a break too. Although, make sure you do not switch off the servers, don’t want to lose all that work, do you?

4: Turn off and unplug fans, heaters and air-conditioning units.

No need to heat or cool an empty space.

5: Switch off the heaters/boilers.

Let them chill out over the holiday.

6: Consolidate the stock

Move everything into one fridge/freezers and turn off the unneeded ones.

7: Turn off and unplug kitchen apploicances

Microwave ovens, kettles and dishwashers, it is amazing how many gadgets we’ve got in our kitchens.

8: Turn off and unplug the water coolers

Saving energy & water in one simple step!

9: Check that all taps are fully off

Double check in the kitchen and the bathrooms.

10: Stop and listen for running/dripping water after everything has been turned off.

Then it is time to relax and unwind knowing your not wasting  any money while your on holiday.

Measure and monitor your energy use

Measuring and monitoring the energy used by your organisation will reveal to you the true cost of waste and help focus your efforts on areas where the biggest cost savings can be made.

Our tried and tested guide will help you to:

  • Identify patterns of wasteful behaviour
  • Highlight equipment faults and human errors that waste energy, and money
  • Encourage and reward staff by revealing their energy-saving achievements
  • Compare your organisation’s performance to the industry standard

When the holiday is over

Your actions don’t have to stop at the bank holiday – we can help you save money throughout the year by showing you how to save energy, save water & reduce waste. Simply call our helpline on 0808 808 2268 or email us your questions we can guide you on how you can start saving energy to be more resource efficient.

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