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Switching to LEDs lights up savings for packaging manufacturer

Looking for ways to reduce its environmental impact, WestRock Multi-Packaging Solutions asked us for support. We recommended LED lighting for a dazzling reduction in impact and costs.

A summary of savings and activities

  • Over £92,000 identified potential savings
  • 378 tonnes of Co2 emissions saved each year from lighting alone
  • Phase-in of LED upgrade programme has begun

Getting your lighting right can lead to big savings if you’re operating large premises across multiple sites. WestRock Multi-Packaging Solutions provides print and packaging services, and employs 10,000 staff worldwide. In Scotland, 600 of their staff are based across four sites at East Kilbride, Hamilton, Hillington and Arbroath. The company has already invested in products, technologies and processes over the years to reduce its environmental impact. Still, it was keen to do more, especially at their main site in East Kilbride. That’s when they contacted our advice and support service.

We arranged for a technical consultant to complete a full, free assessment of the company’s facilities and processes. This identified actions that would deliver environmental benefits and financial savings of over £92,000 per year.

The biggest chunk of savings would come from upgrading to LED lighting. If this were done throughout the East Kilbride factory it would provide annual cost savings of £80,000 with a payback period of three and a half years. In addition, it would reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 377.8 tonnes.

The company had already looked at installing LED lighting and this was confirmation of what was needed. Our assessment identified further energy saving opportunities. Chief among these was the potential to recover heat from the compressor room. There were also recommendations for simple low-cost improvements with short payback periods. Taken together these have resulted in savings of around £12,000 a year.

“The audit was very useful. Having a fresh pair of eyes looking from the outside of the organisation can sometimes be the most valuable thing,” says Brian Morris, Quality Assurance & Business Systems Manager at WestRock Multi-Packaging Solutions.

The business  has since started to phase in LED lighting in line with future factory development. It’s already providing the savings promised during the assessment. The company is now working with our advice and support service to assess their other Scottish sites. At the same time, on-site audits and awareness campaigns continue to drive further improvements.

Help for your business

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