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Set up a Green Team

Create real change within your organisation with a dedicated task force to channel ideas and energy into delivering energy efficiency and waste reduction.

If your business’s environmental drive needs a turbo boost then you need a green team. A dedicated task force of individuals from across your organisation can work to channel all the ideas and energy you need to deliver real, practical change.

A green team can:

  • Take ownership of energy efficiency and waste reduction ideas
  • Set achievable, yet ambitious, targets…and see that they’re met
  • Keep staff on board, and motivated, with regular progress updates
  • Keep your business competitive, attractive to customers, ahead of the legislation

Sound good to you? Then let’s get started.

Get the right people

The best people for the job may not be the obvious ones.  To start up a green team, you don’t have to be a ‘greenie’ so much as:

  • Enthusiastic, motivated, target-driven – someone who can see the business case for resource efficiency, including the potential for savings, brand boost, and raising staff morale and sense of belonging
  • A good communicator – someone who can translate ideas into action, and persuade others to join in
  • Ambitious – being a green team member is not only a boost to business but also to career development and networking, who knows where it will take you and who you will meet!

Our green team job description is an ideal starting point for recruiting your task force, highlighting:

  • Career opportunity – boost your CV
  • Time and resources – part of the package
  • Role definition – what exactly we need from you

Get the green light

You want to recruit from across your organisation, including at the very top. Getting senior management on board will raise your green team’s profile and credibility, ensuring that initiatives get the green light, and the time and energy they need.

To help spread the message, we have devised a business benefits of a green team presentation, free to download, to help you make the case with clarity and impact. We’ll help you spell out:

  • Risks of inaction – costs, damage to reputation, loss of competitive advantage
  • Advantages of action – potential savings, resilience in the face of increasing resource scarcity, in line with environmental legislation
  • Green teams are not an expensive luxury, but an excellent, home-grown resource that will benefit your business and boost your brand

Get to work!

Ready? A great way to start making changes is to walk round your site or office, taking note of current practice and where improvements could be made.

Our comprehensive, free-to-download walk-round checklist will suit any kind of organisation, and ensure that your green team covers all bases, from ensuring a ‘dead’ band between heating and cooling systems, so they don’t operate at the same time, to removing ‘phantom loads’ by turning off equipment when not in use. Did you know, for instance, that only an estimated 5 per cent of energy drawn up by phone chargers is actually used to charge mobile phones?

The checklist includes a column to earmark each action as it occurs, and a further column to mark when the action is complete, giving you an at-a-glance progress record, so you can keep everyone up-to-date and motivated.

A green team will put you on track to real, environmentally-aware change – and signal to your staff, customers, competitors and wider community that your organisation is fit and ready for the challenges ahead. And who could resist that?