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How to plan and deliver environmentally sustainable events

This helpful how-to guide provides you with simple, practical steps to support your planning and delivery of sustainable events and help to minimise your use of resources.

Putting resource efficiency on the business agenda will provide you with considerable savings on operating costs. And not only that, running sustainable events can help you comply with environmental legislation, enhance your business reputation, provide you with a competitive advantage and make it easier to access further sources of funding.

This guide provides event organisers with top tips and signposts to further in-depth information that will help them deliver sustainable events. Savvy suppliers, venue providers, caterers, stand or set designers and waste management companies can also check out the relevant sections to glean what event organisers will be expecting and asking you for.

Get the guide now and learn:

  • How to select an environmentally responsible venue – minimising the environmental impact of your event.
  • How to provide catering that produces less waste and find out about questions that you can ask your supplier.
  • How to minimise your use of energy, water and resources at your events, to keep waste at a minimum.
  • How to identify and communicate effectively with your key stakeholders.
  • The importance of environmental legislation that applies to the management of events.
  • About formal accreditation that you can apply for, so you can get recognition for your environmental efforts.