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Hospitality tourism & events energy savings

From identifying new energy saving opportunities, to providing financial support and technical expertise, we’re here to help you slash your energy costs and grow a greener business.

Energy is a significant cost for any business, especially in the face of continually rising energy prices. For hospitality businesses, however, managing energy costs can often be overlooked, and there are savings to be had – all of which go straight to your bottom line.

Typically our team of advisors find over £1,420 worth of annual savings for hospitality businesses. The actions we commonly recommend to hospitality businesses and support them with include:

  • improving and adding insulation within buildings;
  • installation of solar PV panels;
  • replacing or upgrading costly and inefficient heating units;
  • upgrading to LED lighting throughout the site.

Besides reducing operating costs, being energy efficient has a host of other benefits. It helps your business to meet the demand from customers to be environmentally responsible, thereby enhancing your business’s reputation. Additionally, you will get better engagement and motivation from staff, which results in a happier workplace and better retention of employees.

Hospitality and tourism case studies

Whether you are in hospitality, tourism or events, we are here to help you find energy savings. Our ongoing support and interest-free SME Loan can make project delivery a breeze.

  • The Cairngorms-based Boat Hotel replaced inefficient oil heating with a new biomass boiler, and installed extra layers of insulation, pointing the way to massive cost savings of £48,000;
  • West Highland Hotel in Mallaig saves nearly £20k on its energy bill each year, following the installation of a new biomass-fuelled boiler, funded by the Scottish Government SME Loan;
  • Highland Farm Cottages is a green tourism business. So, investing in a biomass boiler and solar PV to reduce energy and carbon not only made sound financial sense, with an energy-saving of £19,000, but enhanced their credentials;
  • When Thomas Tosh café and art gallery underwent a major refurbishment, its owners used the SME Loan to fund insulation and lighting upgrades – reducing their carbon footprint by 4.4 tonnes;
  • For hospitality clients, clean laundry isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessity. Servicing the sector, Professional Linen Services switched on potential savings of £80,000 through a number of resource efficiency measures, one of which included a new steam boiler with energy saving features improving energy efficiency by 7%;
  • Following our visit to Dry Cleaning and Laundry Services Ltd we recommended installing destratification fans to reduce the demands on a heating system by around 20% due to the improved heat distribution, potentially saving the business £750 per year;
  • Kidz World Nursery Ltd is set to save nearly £5k and reduce carbon emissions by 17.6 tonnes each year, thanks to the installation of solar PV technology;
  • Ardroy Outdoor Educational Centre embraced renewable technology and invested in a biomass boiler which cuts energy costs by 25%.
  • Murrayfield Curling Rink put a freeze on energy costs by upgrading LED lighting and cladding and installing a new heating and de-humidification system;
  • By insulating the building and installing new boilers, North Merchiston Club reduced energy usage and ensured that the club facilities were able to be used by members all year round;
  • Edinburgh Leisure improved their energy efficiency by 13% reduction at Ainslie Park and staff engagement resolved a problem of lights being left on overnight.

Useful resources

We have a number of free resources to help you save energy, and of course, our friendly team are here to assist you, too:

Regulatory information

  • Scotland will be the first country in the UK to introduce a deposit return scheme for drinks containers. Consumers will pay a 20p deposit on single-use drinks containers, which they’ll get back when they return the empty bottle or can to be recycled.
  • The Waste (Scotland) Regulations have been in effect for a few years and will affect your business, no matter its size.

Energy efficiency and renewable assessments

We’re experiencing high demand for energy assessments at the moment, and new requests will be fulfilled by Business Energy Scotland in April 2022. 

Business Energy Scotland’s team of advisors and technical specialists will help you implement meaningful change and achieve serious savings – an average of 24% on energy bills. They can provide:

  • A free energy opportunities assessment, at your convenience, to identify where and how savings can be made;
  • A comprehensive report – written for you, highlighting key actions you can take now, at no cost, and signposting major changes, and how to access support, further advice and financing.

No matter if you are just starting out on your journey to lower your carbon emissions and associated energy costs, or are making great progress, help is on hand. Simply fill in the form below and Business Energy Scotland will contact you after 1 April 2022. Meanwhile, you can take a look at our wide range of tools, guides and resources available online to help you get started.