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Lights, camera, take action! Dundee Rep Theatre and Scottish Dance Theatre join the Green Network For Businesses

The Green Network for Businesses is delighted to welcome Dundee Rep Theatre and Scottish Dance Theatre as its latest member. The network features more than 200 businesses from all over Scotland, ranging from small family-run organisations to large corporations. These businesses have all made improvements to reduce their environmental impact, save energy, cut waste and reduce costs – by engaging staff, making energy efficiency improvements or installing renewable technologies.

Founded in 1939, the network’s newest member, the Dundee Rep Theatre and Scottish Dance Theatre share a home inside the Rep building in the heart of Dundee. Given the age of the building, it was no surprise that temperature regulation was a problem throughout the building, and it was a struggle to keep the theatre warm in the winter months. This issue, along with rising energy bills, prompted the business to act.

The business contacted us for impartial advice and received a free site visit from one of our expert advisors. Following the visit, a tailored report outlining recommended energy saving opportunities was provided to the business’s management team. The report advised that installing a destratification fan and an air barrier would reduce the theatre’s annual energy costs and ensure the building stayed at a comfortable temperature all year round.

The new equipment cost £3,522 to install and costs £36 per year to run. It is now reducing the business’s energy use by more than 90,000 kWh a year, translating to an annual cost saving of £1,840 that the business can now invest elsewhere. A win for the business and its bottom line.

If you’re thinking about making improvements to your business, search the Green Network for Businesses for a range of great case studies can learn from. Pick up some free inspiration, hints and tips or even arrange to visit a business near you.

If your business has already made improvements and you would like to support others who could learn from your experience – why not feature your own story on the Green Network For Businesses? It’s a great platform for you to share your sustainable business successes, inspire others and boost your green credentials. It’s a well-used resource, with the case studies getting over 2,500 views per year. Join the network by emailing:

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