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Sector Support

Find out what support we offer businesses in your sector and how we are already helping your peers.


Energy is a significant cost for any business, even more so for the manufacturing sector due to processing and building stock. Let us help you identify your cost-saving opportunities.

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For retailers, managing energy costs effectively is often a key success factor – and finding energy efficiency improvements can be a big boost to the bottom line.

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As an overhead, energy is one of the most easily managed in an office. You can make improvements that require little or no spend to reduce your consumption by around 20%.

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Food and Drink

Energy costs can be significant given production processes, shift patterns, building footprints and cold storage requirements. We can help you find ways to make savings.

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Hospitality and events

Typically, our team of advisors finds over £1,420 worth of annual savings for hospitality businesses. Our support can help make a difference to your bottom line too.

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