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Share the COP26 buzz with your colleagues

The buzz around COP26 has been infectious. Suddenly it feels like everyone is talking about climate change, carbon footprints and becoming more energy efficient.

Switch on the TV and among the increasing number of ads for heat pumps, there is a growth of brands from Ikea to Pepsi including a climate message in their ads. Even the popular soaps have weaved environmental storylines into the usual dramas on the cobbles or in the square.

If you have found yourself caught up in the momentum that the Glasgow event generated, seize this rare opportunity to get your colleagues on board to make a difference at work. Why not organise a session to share your thoughts and come up with a plan to become more energy efficient at work?

You could set aside an hour on a Friday afternoon or organise a brown bag lunch to bring everyone together, share your ideas and have a bit of fun.

We’ve pulled together some of our most popular resources to help you plan a session. We have even added a quiz – maybe you could offer a reusable water bottle or coffee cup as a prize.

Staff engagement toolkit

This is an amazing resource to help you get all your colleagues involved. There is a campaign planner that can help guide you through the steps to setting up a green team, training staff, and running a switch-off campaign.

You can use the whole toolkit, or you can just pick and choose the bits that work best for you and your colleagues. Have a chat in your session and see what ideas everyone has and what they would like to do.

Write an environmental policy

Perhaps this could be one of the take-aways from your team get-together. Does your business already have an environmental policy? When was the last time anyone looked at it? Does it need updating? And if your organisation doesn’t have one, could you use the impetus from COP26 to look at writing one?

Everyone in your business should feel ownership of the environmental policy, so keep them posted and value their contributions and comments.

Take a look at our examples to give you some ideas.

Green office guide

Don’t let your office be a costly epicentre of wasted paper, single-use food cartons, dripping taps and blazing heaters. Turn it around by taking hold of this practical, indispensable and absolutely free green office guide. It is packed with great ideas to help you save energy and water and reduce waste. It’s a fabulous way to get the conversation started.

Test your knowledge

Who doesn’t love a quiz? You could end your session with a few questions to test everyone’s knowledge of energy efficiency and climate change. Click here for a free quiz and a fun way to wrap up a brainstorming session.

COP26 was an amazing event to be hosted in Scotland and will be talked about for months, if not years. Don’t lose the impetus it has generated. Together we can make a difference.

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